Official Website and CHetauGet v1.1 Released.

Hi to anyone who might see this.

Here is the so-called official website of Zinget Studio, which currently has only one employee, that is me. I haven’t get any income from games I have made so far, so I don’t wanna pay for a real website. Besides, I don’t have much news to update, much services to provide, so, the Official Website of Zinget Studio is just this small blog.

I released CHetauGet v1.0 in July 31, 13 days ago, and sarcastically I didn’t write about it here. Because there’re no one here to read. According to the statistic data provided by wordpress, there’re 9 visitors including myself have ever visited here. A sadly number.

I announced the release news in tigsource forum, where I thought I may get more attention than here. That is right in some degree. My post got more than 200 reads. But, no one ever replied. Maybe because my game isn’t that interesting or I ain’t that interesting. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

CHetauGet v1.1 has been updated to Google Play just now, will be available in a few hours. This time, I’m not going to forums, I am announcing the news here. Why? Because this is the Official Website of Zinget Studio. If I don’t take it seriously, who would? No one.

So, Here’s what have been done in v1.1 update.

  1. IAP support: you could pay 1.99 dollars to remove all ADs in CHetauGet now.
  2. IAP support: you could buy gold now, and gold could be used to buy Red Heart, Power-up Items in CHetauGet.
  3. Better experience of practice mode: you could play in practice mode to get better understanding of one stage, and it’s Red Heart free!

Thank You!


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