Go on, project CHetauGet

CHetauGet is a game I started to make about half a year ago, after 4 months developing, I suspended it for some reason. I’ve done a playable version, included core game mechanics and basic artwork and more than 300 levels. But there’s still some bugs, and optimizations need  to be done, and further more, there’s still something I wanna build into it. So, I’m going to pick it up, to finish it, to make it whole. And push it online when I get a satisfied version.


The basic mechanic is to tap at the stars that surrounded by bubbles to prick the bubble and release the star, the star will goes to the neatest square with the same color, embed into it, and finally vanish. The star will only move horizontally or vertically toward the center of the board, and will not jump over a square which is not embedable for it. The goal of the game is to clear the board, and level completed.


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