1st log of Floating Magnet.

I’ve made a simple small game that is based on magnet force called Floating Magnet, is on Google Play now, but it’s only a small trying, I’m thinking more about it.

The core gameplay of Floating Magnet is to use the magnetic forces of big magnets to speed up, while doing this, you should be really focused on the current speed and angle when fly into the force field. The current version can only be a demo, there’s many problems with it, and the problems could be concluded as one, the game is too hard that frustrating.

I’m going to re-design the whole game, to see what I can do on this core. First of all, because I’m targeting the mobile platforms, so the control scheme should be as simple as possible. I’m gonna give the joystick away, and keep the “Tap to switch pole”. I can think of two sorts of interesting / excited parts for the core gameplay. 1, as an action game, the combo system. 2, as a puzzle game, the stage constructing system. Could it be both? puzzle + action. That would be awesome, I’ll sleep on it.


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